The Internet is plagued with trolls and abusive accounts that when you come across that rare positive story on your timeline, it leaves a broad smile on your face. A Mumbai based guy found a 3-5 day-old baby in a closed auto. Unsure how to go about it, he took to Twitter and asked netizens for help.

Aman, a young boy from Mumbai set an example of humanity. He saved a 5- day old girl kid which he found abandoned near autorickshaw in Mumbai. Without wasting a moment, he not only rescued the baby but also took to his Twitter account – with the username @Jugadu_banda – to post few images of the baby asking for immediate help.

He captioned his post as:

 Needless to say, the news spread like wildfire, with many users readily jumping in to help in every small way possible.

Mumbai Police replied to the tweeted asking for Aman contact details and got in touch with him. The baby girl was thereafter handed over to the Mumbai Police who shifted her to Sion hospital for a medical check-up. The city police also praised him on Twitter urging citizens to make the city safer and be alert.

Then Aman tweeted:

Meanwhile, netizens have been asking Aman about the baby’s whereabouts. Replying to all of them, he tweeted saying, “For all who are asking for baby’s health. She’s just doing fine. She’s Stopped shivering too! He also mentioned that he has contacted an NGO asking about the adoption process and that he will update the proceedings. The baby was handed over the cops at Kanjurmarg police station.

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