Well, we all have heard of many kidnapping cases where kids are abducted and a huge amount of Money was demanded by the kidnappers. Students are vulnerable and weak so they become a very easy target.

A business management student from a reputed college in Bangalore, Mathikere was abducted. The victim Ahmed Mishal with two of his friend Mirza and Shamid were at a restaurant in MSR Nagar when a gang of five which includes an expelled student from the MS Ramaiah,  barged in the restaurant and abducted them. Ahmed Mishal was identified as a resident of the Dollars Colony and a student from a very reputed college in Bangalore. Three of the five accused were identified as Deepu, Manish and Nousheen.

Picture of one of the victims after being assaulted.

They took the three of them in a locked them in a room in Mathikere and assaulted them with lethal weapons. They took their wallets and demanded ransom. The gang tortured them for several hours and then released Mirza and Shamid after they realized that they both were from a poor background. But continued to torture Ahmed and demanded 5 lakh rupees from his friends.

“When they demanded for money, the first thing I told them was to call my father but they refused and told me to arrange it through my friends”, as stated by Ahmed Mishal.

Hit with cricket stumps.

They made Ahmed call his friends. Ahmed Mishal called his cousin, who informed his friends and along with some local support started to search for victim. After sometime, his cousin rushed to Sadhashivanagar Police station and filed a complaint. After realizing that Mishal’s cousin is not alone (the guy who came to collect the money fled the area seeing a large number of people and informed the kidnappers) the accused dropped Mishal near his room and warned him not to inform anyone about this or complain about it to the police.

Ahmed Mishal was rushed to the Hospital and later he filed a complaint against the gang at Sadhashivanagar Police station stating that the accused were local residents and had previously abducted many students. But no one dared to file a complaint against them, for which there are several explanations. Ahmed identified one the gang members as an expelled student from his college for a similar crime that happened almost three months ago. He also stated that there was already a case registered on him in the Sadhashivanagar Police station.

Cuts with knife on one of the victims.

All the incidents which were similar to Ahmed’s were happened in the same area and is happening with the same college students. No one has ever come forward to file a case because somehow the local residents feel that these goons have officials support and frightened for the future of their families and kids.

The police have registered a case under sections 307(Attempt to murder), 386(Extortion), 384 as per FIR copy. Who is responsible to make the educational area clean? The college authorities or police or both?

Source 1: Deccan Chronicle
Source 2: Victim himself

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