Cricket is one of the most popular games worldwide and owing to the popularity and changing times, it’s going through a set of changes on a regular basis. ICC has recently improved the cricket watching experience for the audience who watch the matches on TV and they have also made strict rules regarding on field behavior.


The Marylebone Cricket Club’s new Code of Laws:

It will be implemented from October 2017 and cricketers like MS Dhoni and Chris Gayle will have to swap their heavy bats for lighter models. The new maximum permitted dimensions of a cricket bat are 108mm in width, 67mm in depth with 40mm edges.

The thickness of Dhoni’s current bat is 45 mm, which exceeds the limit in its criteria. Hence, the former Indian cricketer will have to settle for a lighter version of his willow so as to adhere to the new set of MCC guidelines.

An exception, however, will be India’s skipper Virat Kohli, whose bat adheres to the new specifications. South Africa’s AB de Villiers, Australia’s Steve Smith and England’s Joe Root also use bats with less than 40mm edges and won’t need to change their gear.

Starting from Australia’s Warner to the West Indies’ Gayle and Pollard, all of them have been using 50mm edges that helped them to bash bowlers to all parts of the park, especially in the shorter versions. Among the top Indian batsmen, Dhoni is the only cricketer who uses a bat with a 45mm edge. Interestingly, Pollard has already changed bats, telling reporters during the IPL that it “made no sense” to wait until October.

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