We have often heard about the negative acts about the police in India. Leading to mistrust in the very system. But this cop from Madhya Pradesh restores our faith in the current police.

This police man from Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh ran across a kilometer to save 400 victims from the attack.


Abhishek Patel, the Head constable of Sagar District showcased his bravery to protect the citizens of the country. A true hero of our nation. He saved 400 people from the attack of a 10-kg bomb.

An anonymous call made its presence and warned the police about the placement of explosives in a  school in Chitora village.Acting according to the information given, the police reached the school and started the search.

Choas filled the campus and everyone was anticipating the moment of death. According to the teacher present at the moment, the situation was handled by shutting the school upon finding the bomb. The only concern was the 400 students who were present.

Watch the video here:

Accordingly, Head constable Abhishek didn’t think twice. He picked the heavy explosive and sprinted over a kilometer to get it away from the children. Later the police constable made it clear that he was clearly motivated to take the bomb away from school and areas of residence.

His brave act would have been the same if the situation was otherwise a drill. He would have sprinted the same way.

The police are currently investigating about the plantation of the bomb according to IG Sagar Saxena.The area also falls under the Army shooting range to create suspicions.

While the world is growing towards corruption and selfish motives, constables like these bring us closer to humanitarian. The Ig announced a reward for the valiant act of the Police constable who sprinted with the bomb.

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