A 32-year-old man, a journalist with a popular Malayalam newspaper, has been arrested for repeatedly flashing outside Mount Carmel College in Vasanthnagar. Vijesh, a resident of Kammanahalli, had reportedly been flashing the students on Loop Road, when they came to pick-up their two-wheelers. He continued to harass them for a month until a group of 10 students went to the police.

An officer told Mirror that Vijesh would wait at the parking lot across the road from MCC every day and target not only lone students, but even groups of them. “He had been at it for almost a month. After we arrested him, he confessed that flashing gave him pleasure,” said the cop.

“The college girls park their scooters on Loop Road and Vijesh would come in a black two-wheeler and flash the girls there. On Saturday, 10 girls submitted a written complaint stating that they had seen him flashing them on multiple occasions. He has a ‘Press’ sticker on his scooter, so students assumed he is a journalist,” an officer with the High Grounds Police

The High Grounds Police are examining CCTV footage from surrounding areas to confirm if the man on the black scooter was Vijesh, and if he had flashed other groups of students as well. “Upon questioning, he said that flashing unknown women gave him pleasure. His relative came on Sunday and got him bail. He has a wife and child in Kerala,” the officer added.

While the incidents continue to happen despite increased patrolling by the police, the officers in the area say that this case is different.

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