Team India’s star and fast bowler Mohammed Shami’s wife has filed a case that her husband was trying to kill her. She also presented audio recordings of her conversations with Shami, in front of the media in which shami is accepting his infidelity.


Haseen said, “Shami had said on Thursday that my mental state is not stable.” She also said, “So far, I have not given any contradictory explanation. I narrated the recording to which he (Shami) was accepting all his illegal relations. Now whose mental state is unstable, you can see.”

She said, “I have suffered a lot. I did not get any help from anyone before. I tried so hard. That’s why I decided to post all the wrong actions of Shami on Facebook. There was no intention of spreading mess on Facebook or entertaining people.’’


In this recording, Haseen said, “Shami, do not lie. Will you tell the truth? You are not worried about me and our daughter, you do not care about anyone. You just worry about that Pakistani girl.


Haseen said, “tell me the truth about the Pakistani girl. Are all those chats yours? ‘ In response to this, Mohammed Shami refused to answer.”


After this, Haseen asked Shami about how this girl knew about Dubai’s entire program. Was it all Mohammed Bhai (Shami’s brother)?


Shami said, “She had sent Mohammed Bhai with my money. I had to take money from him.”


After this Haseen said, “You only used to chat with her and there was no mention of money. You had told me earlier that this girl has come from somewhere and now you are saying that she came to give money. You had sex with her too.”


Shami said, “Don’t bring sex in between.”


Shami’s wife Haseen, who had lodged a complaint against him on Friday for physical and mental torture and illegal possession.

Also Shami’s attempt to murder, misbehave, criminal intimidation and poisoning, cases have been registered in various sections of the Indian Penal Code.

A police officer said, “A case was registered in Jamshedpur police station on March 8 against Shami and four others on the basis of written complaint of Haseen Mohammed Shami, wife of Mohammed Shami.”

Shami and his family have been charged with cruelty and intentionally injuring Haseen. While claiming that everyone in Shami’s family oppressed me. His mother and brother used to call me a curse. This abuse continued till 2 to 3 o’clock in the morning.

Shami has denied these allegations saying that it is an attempt to ruin his career.

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