Mobile Phone is one of the mandatory gadgets for many of us. When we have a mobile phone, Then having a SIM card is compulsory. As we all know that mobile number consists of a 10 digit numbers. But, Have you ever thought why all the mobile numbers have only 10 digits? Here in this article, you gonna know about this!

A mobile number can have any digit of numbers neither it may be 10/20/30 numbers… This will be decided by the Telecommunications company in their country. As per this in our country in the year 2003, Department of Telecommunications (DoT) decided to have only 10 numbers for a mobile number in our India.

Interesting Facts : 

  • We have already crossed the 100-million mark in our India. That is 100 million+ mobile phone users are using the mobile SIM cards in our India.
  • The first four digits of a mobile number will help to know that it has registered on the which telecom operators like Airtel, BSNL, Jio, Idea or any other telecom operator… The first four digit numbers are also known as the Network Operator number.
  • Another six digits are specified for the specific mobile user, These six digits are also known as the Subscribers numbers.

What If We Have Only 5 Digit Numbers? 

If we have only five digit mobile numbers, It is very very easy to remember. But, As we already crossed 100million+ mobile SIM users we need more mobile numbers, When we have only five digit number it is impossible to have these many mobile numbers for its users. As we already started taking different series of numbers starting with 7 series, 8 series, 9 series. But in our India, there are more mobile numbers with the 9 series only. Recently. It also started the 6 series numbers. These will helps to have more number of mobile SIM card users in our India.

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