November 18 was a special day for medical student Manushi Chhillar and the whole of India, 21-year-old from Haryana girl made it big competing against 103 contestants from different countries. The pageant was held in  Sanya City Arena in China. Manushi Chhillar is the winner of the big crown. Further, she received the crown from  Puerto Rico’s Stephanie Del Valle, Miss World 2016. The last time an Indian woman, Priyanka Chopra, became Miss World, was in 2000. While the competition gives the right to the winning contestant to wear the crown for a year, there are several other benefits that come along with the prestigious title.

The first perk of becoming Miss World is the immense exposure that comes with the honour. Manushi got a chance to interact with contestants from 118 countries and after her win, for a year, she will meet and work with people from different countries and cultures. She will get the chance to be attached to a number of philanthropic efforts, and of course, bring glory and pride to her country.

Here’s a  list of the things that Manushi will be taking home along with the crown:

She will receive a handsome amount as the prize (Miss World refrains from announcing the sum).

She will also receive year-long supplies from cosmetic brands and other companies sponsoring the Miss World event.

She is also expected to get a sum of money as a travel stipend, as she travels across the world to undertake an eclectic range of endeavours.

She will also raise money for several social work initiatives and every time she succeeds in getting the amount she requires, she will get an honorarium.

Manushi’s win will also open several professional opportunities for her. Today, she is a known name across the world, and has a good shot at making a career in the entertainment industry as well. Several beauty queens, including Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra, have taken the same path in the past and have excelled.

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