India is going through Economical revolution and Social revolution at a time. Many issues are under limelight on which serious actions have to be taken. But not about justice or not about money, some issues are related in all ways. “Rape” is a widespread issue all over India. Fearlessness on Rape has been spread like a virus. This is news is not new but this news is something, where we should ask ourselves “are we still Humans?”

17 year old was being raped by her 19 year old Brother since last 9 months. This incident took place in Sariyad village in Gujarat State. The more outrageous thing is that no one was aware of this until she delivered a baby.

Police have booked a case on the accused under the section 376 Rape and sections of prevention of sexual offence against children (POCSO) would be added after the confirmation of the girl’s age.

N.R.Patel the sub-inspector of the area has told to TOI that crime came into light after the delivery.  She refused to say the name of the father and this made doctors suspicious after which they informed to the Vagdod police. The police inspector said

“We have recorded the girl’s statement, wherein she alleged that her elder brother had been raping her for the last nine months. He sexually assaulted her in the nights when everyone was asleep. He used to gag her mouth and then Rape her. She has two brothers.”

Resident medical officer Dharpur Medical College and Hospital, Dr. Hitesh Gosaid said

“We have given police the blood samples for the DNA test of the newborn.”

 However the girl is healthy and the newborn is put on life support system.

The victim’s mother also talked to the media and told that all these while she thought that it was a tumor in her abdomen, she came to know everything on Monday, the day she delivered a baby.

We have laws but people don’t really care about them. Things should change to make India,a better country to live.

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