Most of us lack knowledge about the opposite gender. It is perhaps the taboo to discuss periods out loud. Resulting in most outrageous assumptions. Men find it difficult to learn about women. Here are the strange things that some men think about a woman’s body.

  1. Periods cause women to urinate blood

Menstruation is a different process altogether. Women discharge from the urethra. Well, don’t tell a woman this ever again.

2. Labia isn’t a  character measurer

A woman is virgin or not, doesn’t depend on the size of labia. For an acknowledgment, every woman differs. The size and everything change from person to person. If you’re trying to predict her number of times she had sex, that ain’t the indicator, apologies smarty.

3.  Big Breast Burdens Bold Bethy

Men often think the bigger, the better. The wise person would only understand, it is hell lot a difficult to maintain big ones. Comfort is the champ.

4. Lactation is a phase

Women don’t lactate every time. Cows and humans have a different biological process. Women secrete only during few months of giving birth.

5. Woman don’t enjoy what men do

That is inconsiderate to neglect or deny the fact that men and women go through a process of similar desires. They self-help themselves when required.

6. Female genital tract is a trap

The vagina isn’t an undefined void space. Everything is retrievable and nothing can be lost in it, assurance is given.

7. Menstruation is painful but not savage enough

Only a piece of wood wouldn’t understand that “Every woman has a different body”. Cramps and what not visits every month. The degree of pain differs and if it isn’t severe for one doesn’t mean it is same for all and vice versa.

8. PMS, just an excuse?

Pre Menstrual Syndrome is an additional visitor during internal bleeding. Perhaps you wouldn’t understand the emotional fluctuations until someone messed with you too bad. Let’s not just cut it as an excuse, it exists.

9. Bra – are they useful in seducing?

Maybe your eyes fail to notice, but it is a supporting innerwear. Essential regardless of the opinions that surround.

10. Woman must be hairless

“You look like a guy with so much hair on you”, sorry to interrupt but we as humans are born with hair. Men and women alike. Being hairy isn’t gross, no one was born hairless.


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