It was the most stylish Mercedes branded A-class at a glance. And no one found the reason to doubt it. Everyone were enjoying the racing car on the roads of roads of North Kerala. But when concentrated, it turns out to be a Maruti Baleno which is heavily modified look like a Mercedes luxurious car.

The car was seized by RTO officer in Tirur, in Malappuram District of Kerala. The RTO began to investigate, after the state transport commissioner received a complaint. But it took more than two weeks to the RTO authorities nearly two weeks to seize the Merc which was reportedly hidden in a second-hand car dealer showroom.

Finally, after the police joined hands with the RTO, they together seized Baleno and also have sent a show cause notice to the owner. The owner is said to have spent 3 lakh rupees on the modification which was done at a local workshop.

According to the reports, the car was modified by its original owner. He replaced the bumper, with a Mercedes Diamond grille, alloy wheels, head and tail lamps and sporty air vents and logo to that extent that the Mercedes dealers faced difficulty in identifying it as an imposture.

Local TV channels reported that the car’s registered owner, who had purchased it had sold it to a friend without changing the registration. The friend who bought the car and modified it to look like Merc. Reports also said that the car was sold, after he got in to trouble with the illegal modification. Later there was a fight between the registered owner and the modified owner which alerted the authorities leading to the confiscation.

However, the owner has agreed to remove the modification and even RTO has cancelled the de-registration and imposed him with some fine, for which the owner agreed.

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