In an odd case that has come to light, a 24-year-old Rajasthani lad from Sonipat, Deepak Kumar Malik, has thrown an open challenge to Ganganagar Police to catch him if they can. He is accused of killing his girlfriend’s ex-lover. While the police have arrested the girl, he is on the run.

We have seen people doing a lot of great things for love, the biggest example being the Taj Mahal which was built by an emperor in the memory of his wife. However, in today’s world, we are witnessing people committing murders in the name of love.

Ganganagar police has been challenged by a man to catch him if they can after he killed the ex-lover of his girlfriend.

The name of the person is Deepak Kumar Malik (24) from Rajasthan. He is an engineering graduate and has been issuing threats to police through his Facebook account.

Take a look at his posts:

Cops have already taken his girlfriend into custody on the charges of murdering Vinod Beniwal, her ex-lover, on July 31 and are hunting for Deepak now.

What’s more shocking is that Deepak is threatening the policemen also who have arrested his girlfriend.

“A badly maimed body was found in Sriganganagar a few days ago. It was later identified as that of Vinod Beniwal, a resident of Haryana. During investigation we came to know about the involvement of Malik and Indubala in the case.”

However, Deepak seems undisturbed by whatever police is doing as he wrote, “Just wait and see what can I do now.”

Hopefully, the police will win the challenge and nobody will like to see them getting defeated. What is your take over the matter?

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