The world has witnessed the worst of the worst cases, may be this is one of them. It may confuse you, but it leaves you shocked.  Love can make you blind. The same happened with Deepa Ram from Rajasthan. But he loved his mother so much that he burnt his wives by locking them in a car. Deepa Ram was accused of allegedly burning his two wives alive in a car by locking them. Deepa Ram works in works in Gujarat and a father of three children, he confessed the crime and has been arrested by the police.

Deepa Ram told his wives that he wanted to buy some jewelry for them and took them outside in his car. Where after, he locked them in the car and set the car on fire. As he was unhappy because of his two wives, who doesn’t take a good care of his mother.

Additional SP Bina Ram said “He quarreled with them in the moving cars. As the car lost the balance, he stopped the car.” Meanwhile one of his wives got out of the car to seek some help from the locals, but he somehow managed to push her back in to the car, the police added.

However he confessed the crime and is under police custody now.

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