Most people have been introduced to smoking by their friends and succumbing to this peer pressure to become a regular smoker is almost every smoker’s story. Keeping this in mind, if we fall a victim to a life-threatening disease, like cancer, because of this habit, will we lay blame on the friend who introduced it to us?

25-year-old Mustakeem Ahmed undeniably thought so, when he killed his colleague for introducing him to smoking which later became the cause of him contracting throat cancer. The incident took place in Uttam Nagar in southwest Delhi, where Mustakeem Ahmed shot his colleague Anaytullah, in the restaurant in which both of them worked as cooks.

The police was alerted to the murder at a biryani eatery on Thursday night and found a young man in a pool of blood on reaching the place. The deceased, Anaytullah, had gunshot injuries on his body. The killer, Mustakeem Ahmed, and the victim were both cooks at the restaurant and, as friends, smoked cannabis together.

In the meantime, Ahmad began smoking cigarettes and took to marijuana, allegedly under the influence of Inayat. “In the course of time, Ahmad developed throat infection, forcing him to consult a doctor. Ahmad has claimed that the doctor told him he had developed throat cancer due to excessive smoking,” said the DCP.

Ahmad later blamed Inayat for getting him addicted to smoking that later led to his cancer. Amid all this, Ahmad’s work quality deteriorated and he was removed from his job. A frustrated Ahmad then went back to his native village in Amroha in Uttar Pradesh and procured a country-made pistol and some cartridges. “He first practiced firing in his village, before returning to Delhi a few days ago,” said the DCP.

“He was carrying his loaded pistol to the restaurantad had planned to kill Inayat if he failed to get him fired from the job. That is what eventually happened. Ahmad ended up picking a fight with Inayat. He later shot at him in the middle of the argument,” said an investigator.

Inayat was later rushed to a hospital, but he succumbed to his injuries. Ahmad fled the murder spot, said police.

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