An unexpected event took place in Chennai, outside the premises of a hospital. This is a bizarre incident and weirdly redefines Drink and Drive concept.

Man mistakes his Audi for a Maruti Omni

A businessman visited the hospital to drop an injured friend. The drunk driver mistook a hospital ambulance which was a Maruti Omni. He did not realize he was not riding his Audi until enquired at home. The fact he rode 13 kilometers without realizing from Thousand Lights to Palavakkam is shocking.

The event led to chaos in the hospital when at 3 am they expected theft. The Maruti went missing and authorities registered complain in Thousand Lights Police Station.

Eventually, the businessman’s driver arrived returning the ambulance. The side mirror was damaged and compensation was promised. Further, the businessman’s driver gave his apologies.

The police officer gave a statement that “Just then a man drove the ambulance into the hospital and profusely apologized saying his boss, a businessman, had mistakenly driven it home.”

This incident finally ended without any charges further charges from the hospital as they were compensated. Yet, it fascinating how consumption of alcohol makes one unreliable.

Perhaps, this makes Drink and Drive rules to add one more to its book. Don’t drink and drive and especially not an ambulance.

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