Film City, one of the biggest hubs of the entertainment industry has been shut down partly till a leopard suspected of attacking five children in the area is trapped. Officials have confirmed that eight locations where films or television series are shot have been closed for at least eight days (until 6th August).
While speaking to us, Mangesh Raul, assistant manager of Film City says, “The forest department has set up two trap cages in a radius of 5km of the site of the attacks. Around 12 locations have been shut down including the helipad, the temple and Kalia Maidan. Most of these locations were used to shoot TV and Marathi series. But now, the officials have decided to shut down these locations for few days. But if the animal is not trapped by then, it may have to be extended.” In the last five months, the big cat has already attacked five people.
Recently, there was news that this leopard was spotted near the sets of the daily soap Swabhimaan. The big cat grabbed a 2-year old kid and killed him on the spot. Prachi Shah says, “Yes, this incident happened little away from the set. Right now, there is lot of security in Film City. The officials are trying to figure out where the leopard is. I am sure, they will catch hold of this big cat and everything will be fine soon.”
There are close to 800 people working at various filming locations on everyday basis. Currently, a total of 30 forest officers are patrolling the area.

Overview of the past issues:

  • On March 17, a three-year-old boy was attacked by a leopard near Khadakpada, a tribal hamlet.
  • On May 21, a three-year-old boy was saved by his mother after she snatched her child away from the leopard that had pounced on him. The boy suffered minor injuries.
  • On May 29, a four-year-old boy, resident of Royal Palms, Goregaon, was attacked by a leopard.
  • On July 22, two-year-old Vihaan Garuda, son of a staff member at SGNP was killed by the same leopard.

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