Mahendra Singh Dhoni is an Indian cricketer who captained the Indian team in limited-overs formats from 2007 to 2016 and in Test cricket from 2008 to 2014. MS Dhoni’s record with the bat is impeccable, but he is also placed high in the world’s best wicket-keepers list.

Recently, the former India captain became the first wicketkeeper in the world to complete a century of stumpings in one-day internationals. Team India’s ‘Mr. Reliable,’ who made his debut in 2004 against Bangladesh, achieved the feat in his 301st ODI against Sri Lanka in Colombo. Dhoni’s style of being aggressive without being brash, makes him the perfect blend of a role-model and pin-up star.

Why does MS Dhoni wear camouflage gloves?

In one of his interviews, when asked the same question, he said “It is a universal colour, especially worn by the army. They have to go through a lot and whenever we meet them, they still have a big smile on their faces. Imagine at one time they are in Siachen’s minus 50 degrees and in another time they are in Rajasthan’s 50 plus degree weather and still, they greet you with a smile. I feel it is a very tough life that they live and there is a lot to be learnt from them.”

They reveal how a team should work. A lot is there to be learnt from them and it also teaches you to practice very seriously. In the army, whatever happens in the Special Forces they always talk about how serious you should be when practising.

“It teaches us how to be serious in life and at the same time, how to enjoy the challenges that are thrown at you because all these challenges are there to make you a better person and at the same time it makes life more interesting. If the challenges are not there, life will be very plain and simple. This is the reason why I love my camouflage gloves and whenever I travel, I try to wear some camouflage colour to show that we are with them.”

In fact, it’s not just about his camouflage gloves, it’s about his patriotism. This man has shown us, time and again, that the nation comes first for him.

When Ziva (MS Dhoni’s daughter) was born, Dhoni was in Australia leading the national team. He told his family over the phone that he was on national duty and will be back only after the tournament gets over. Also, Dhoni always wanted to serve in the Indian Army.

Massive Respect, Legend!

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