A recently developed case brings forward sickening truths, a depraved father of two forced his toddler and his 5-year-old child to consume alcohol. This happened in Bihar’s Mashrak area of Saran district. In the beginning, the father made his minor son drink alcohol and when the kid resisted, the man battered him. After torturing the boy, the heartless father thrashed his two-year-old daughter and threw her down the drain. Both the children sustained injuries on their faces and bodies.

When police arrived at the spot after being alerted, drunkard accused Dharmendra Singh narrated a made up story that his mischievous children had stolen his wallet and he punished them when they failed to return it. The kids, in a state of shock, were taken to a hospital as they needed immediate medical attention and the police arrested their father for his acts of malice and have begun their inquiry into the matter after recording the statements of the little ones.

The uncle of the kids, Neeraj Kumar, told the police that the father of a five-year-old boy and two-year-old girl mercilessly beat the two up when he was in an inebriated state. The matter came to light when the accused crossed limits of cruelty and decided to throw the baby girl in the drain. After which she was saved by the neighbours who then alerted the police. After the hospital, the shaken five-year-old boy narrated his ordeal of living with his father and told that their mother left after she couldn’t bear the atrocities and animalistic behaviour of the accused. The kids used to stay with their mother in Muzaffarpur, where the man frequently used to beat up his wife and on Tuesday she finally left when the man again laid his hands on her.

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