Love finds ways in the most bizarre ways at the most unexpected time. Born a girl and now a man, Aarav Appukuttan, a 46-year-old from Kerala, says he was trapped inside a woman’s body for years. After undergoing a gender reassignment surgery at a Mumbai hospital, he fell in love with Sukanyeah Krishna 22, a man who underwent surgery at the same clinic to become a woman.

They later grew fond of each other after exchanged numbers and continued talking. The two got talking after both heard each other talking in the same mother tongue on the phone. Although it was the same native place that bonded them, their relationship grew further when they met on their next appointment at the doctor. They are now planning to tie the knot in a temple with all rituals and later adopt a child. Their families are also supportive of the relationship although they were not earlier sure of the sex change operations. Aarav’s parents died a few years ago with siblings scattered in different places. In the case of Sukanyeah, her mother remarried after father passed away but her stepfather did not accept her. She later left for Bengaluru where she worked hard to make money for the surgery.

However, Aarav, said his gender identity disorder (GID) only became more severe. In the next few years, he lost his mother and knew he had to take care of his siblings before he could focus on his own problems. “My father remarried,” he said.

Aarav, a tour manager, recalled, “Since childhood, I had a strong feeling I was born to be a boy. When I was 13 years old, I realized I was not a woman. After I moved to Mumbai, as I wore men’s clothes and cropped my hair like a boy, the women in local trains would yell at me when I boarded the ladies’ compartment.”

“I used to hate my body and wanted to cut it sometimes. But, I had to restrain myself and keep my feelings in check for 45 years. I always behaved like everything was normal,” he added.

It was after Aarav went to Dubai that he gathered enough money to go for a gender reassignment surgery. “In a year, I changed totally, from female to male. Even my moustache and beard started growing.

Now, doesn’t that looks like a perfect soulmate story?

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