The Kapil Sharma Show has been facing loads of problems these days. Nobody knows whether it’s an end or just a bend. But all we know is that even in our personal life, if our servant leaves the house, we’re kind of handicapped, then think of this person whose servant, doctor, as well as his grandmother, have left him alone at once! Ever since Sunil Grover and Ali Asgar left The Kapil Sharma Show, it hit the bad luck. At first, the show fell on the TRP’s and then Kapil himself started being unhealthy. His health deteriorated and he started missing the shooting of some important episodes.

The show was called off temporarily after some of the important episodes featuring the biggest celebrity Bollywood starts got canceled. Meanwhile, there have been constant attempts by fans, media and other comedians to bring the lost team back together especially Sunil & Kapil. Even Kapil Sharma himself has asked for apologies several times requesting Sunil to come back but to no avail.

Recently, Kapil Sharma was asked again about the possibility of Sunil Grover & Ali Asgar’s return to The Kapil Sharma Show. To the question, Kapil gave a very heart touching reply:

“Why not? It is their show as much as mine. You don’t need anyone’s permission to come home.”, Kapil Sharma was quoted saying.

Kapil who is currently in Bangalore for his treatment at an Ayurvedic clinic also talked about the unfortunate and unpleasant events that damaged his reputation. What do you think of the whole scenario?

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