Former Indian captain Dilip Vengsarkar says he did not know then that the person was an underworld Don. Dilip has brought out in the open what was discussed in private till now. The stylish right-hander of yesteryear has admitted that gangster Dawood Ibrahim had access to the Indian dressing room during several tournaments in the 1980s.


Participating in a Marathi talk show in Jalgaon on Monday, Vengsarkar reportedly said that Dawood Ibrahim had entered the Indian dressing room during a tournament in Sharjah in 1987, but was booted out by then captain Kapil Dev. “Dawood had said: “If you guys win the tournament, I will give all of you a Toyota car each. The offer was rejected by the team,” Vengsarkar had said at a function in Jalgaon.

“Yes, I remember a gentleman walking into our dressing room in a game in Sharjah and wanting to talk to the players. But I asked him to leave the dressing room immediately as outsiders were not allowed,” Kapil said.
Not exactly a denial but former Indian cricket team captain Kapil Dev has “differed” from former teammate Dilip Vengsarkar’s version of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim walking into the dressing room in Sharjah in 1987 and offering Toyota cars to team members. Kapil Dev said he wasn’t aware of Toyota cars being offered to the players. “No such offer came to my knowledge then. If Dilip is saying it now, he would know more than me.”
He listened to me and then walked out of the dressing room without saying anything. Later, someone told me he was a smuggler from Bombay and his name was Dawood Ibrahim. Beyond that nothing happened,” Kapil added.
After a long gap, we came to know that the man who met us in Sharjah in 1987 was Dawood Ibrahim, the alleged mastermind of the dastardly Mumbai blasts in 1993. But back then, we didn’t really know that things like fixing existed. Also, there weren’t things like the anti-corruption unit and stuff, so access to players’ dressing room wasn’t that difficult as it is now,” the former left-arm spinner told

Dawood is said to the most wanted criminal in India till date.

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