The celebration of Murasoli’s diamond jubilee in the past week has caught the attention of the entire media world. The reason is none other than to watch the two biggest personalities share the dais. Kamal Hassan and Rajnikanth were both attendees to the event. The event is partly a political stage too, as Murasoli is DMK’s mouthpiece. Rajnikanth has been flouting his ideas of starting his political career but has never taken a firm stance. Kamal Hassan too has been in the news for his iconoclastic comments in the recent past against the ruling government. However, Rajnikanth did not accept to sit on the stage and did not take the opportunity to address the gathering. Kamal Hassan too had refused initially but later took to the stage and openly voiced his concerns and took a jibe at his friend Rajnikanth too.


Kamal Hassan sat beside MK Stalin on the stage and Rajnikanth was amongst the VIP section of the audience. Kamal Hassan addressed the gathering for ten minutes which was enough for him to make headlines. He openly criticized Rajnikanth for refusing the chance to speak citing diplomatic concerns as excuses to avoid controversy. The audience was keen to hear the superstar at the gathering to know his views on the current state of affairs. Kamal Hassan has been more than vocal in the recent past and demanded the same from Rajnikanth. He took another jibe at Rajnikanth stating that independent thinking was the need of the hour. There are reports stating that Rajnikanth’s actions are synonymous to BJP. Kamal Hassan stated that he had thought of not speaking but after further introspection, he had accepted that it would be foolish to let go of an opportunity like this. He further criticized Rajnikanth by stating that self-respect is more important than self-defense or self-security.

Kamal Hassan did not stop his remarks to his comments on-stage. The actor posted a tweet later that evening. He posted this message, “Don’t be resilient or lethargic and do the needful. The seed for revolution resides within independent thinking. Don’t try to outrun me or get exhausted and slow me down. Walk along with me and the victory shall not be mine, but ours.” The fans soon realized that the post was directed at Rajnikanth. Certain political commentators have also come forward to state that the tweet portrayed Kamal Hassan’s willingness to start a party. Fans are speculating that their friendship has extended beyond cinema and that they might foray into politics together. It has been every fan’s dream to watch them together in a movie again. Will we see them start a political party together instead?

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