A constable with the Jammu and Kashmir police by the name of Munawar Hussain was caught snatching money from an old female beggar. She was seen begging in the Ramban district of the state. A video clip was shot by a passerby which has gone viral on social media and is creating a buzz all across.

“Head constable Munawar Hussain has been suspended and arrested by the police after the incident”, Ramban Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Mohan Lal said.

SSP Mohan Lal also said that the said constable was transferred from Kishtwar to Ramban for his chronic drinking habit. Hussain was reportedly caught by the policeman on duty in the area after he was seen snatching money from a poor beggar.

The SSP also said that there are already three cases registered against Hussain.SSP also added that he was kept in the police lines in Ramban after being transferred from Kishtwar due to his bad habit of chronic drinking. His ATM cards and others such items were given to his wife to operate in view of his bad habits.

In the video, the constable was seen asking for money from a female beggar. He kicked the bed sheet that the beggar had spread and tossed the money under it with his foot. When the beggar replied in the negative, he was seen harassing the beggar. At the end, it is seen that the beggar gives him Rs. 100 and tries to pacify the situation. The incident is reported to have occurred on August 22.

Watch the video here:


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