Some people are born to create unnecessary controversies on Twitter, instead of respecting they engage in unwanted discussions. Sometimes their attempt of trolling goes horribly wrong. Something similar happened when an MS Dhoni fan tried to troll Mahela Jayawardene on Twitter. Jayawardene has been an inspirational captain but hardly anyone knows that he is witty too.

Well, Mahela Jayawardene took to Twitter to pay a tribute to Usain Bolt, the sprint king. It was the last 100 m race of Bolt’s career and he had to settle for a Bronze medal.

Jayawardene tweeted:

Jayawardene was quite impressed with Bolt’s charm and couldn’t stop himself from tweeting about him. Little did he know that a Dhoni fan would poke his nose in between. Yes, a Twitter user compared Dhoni and Usain Bolt and said:

He took a dig at Jayawardene for not making a mention of Dhoni, who according to him, is faster than Bolt.

However, on reading this tweet, Jayawardene gave it back to him perfectly. Here’s what Jayawardene tweeted back:

Everyone knows how much Dhoni loves his bikes, and this is why Jayawardene took this as a perfect opportunity to troll the user back. The troller won’t dare to mess up with him again.

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