Ranbir Kapoor and Anurag Basu can’t be any more different from Salman Khan and Kabir Khan even if they tried, but there’s one thing which connects them. And that is their persistence to repeat the magic of their previous film by maintaining the tone and nature of it in their next film. Whilst the Khans failed with Tubelight, can Basu and Kapoor reignite the flame of Barfi with another magical film in the form of Jagga Jasoos. Delays aside, the promos have promised an enthralling entertainer for the kids and the classes. Will Jagga Jasoos be able to rekindle the magic of Barfi?



Shruti (Katrina) is a teacher who tells the students in her class the story of a mysterious Jagga (Ranbir), who although a stammerer was an astute observer. We get to know about the man’s many childhood mysteries and about how he was brought up by a man called Badal Bagchi (Saswata Chatterjee).

Jagga grows up and Badal goes missing. Jagga Jasoos then tumbles into a story of funny shenanigans involving the titular character and his nemesis in the form of a funny negative character played by Saurabh Shukla. Will Badal return? How does Shruti know Jagga and his stories so well? Does anything come out of their relationship? Watch the movie to find out.

Screenplay and Direction:

Anurag Basu has nailed it once again. Well, almost. He has come close to the surrealness of his previous film, and has managed to make Jagga Jasoos a rather entertaining film. Kids will lap this film up. The way he interludes the movie with so many songs because of the stammering of his lead character is novel. The idea is ballsy in itself but to go out there and actually execute it requires tremendous guts especially when faced with as many delays as they did. The pace of Jagga Jasoos takes some time to pick up but when it does, it reaches fever pitch.

A lot of things happen in too little a time, which can get jarring eventually but the film holds on and makes for a good ride. And the emotions of the film work too, which might eventually make the film worth it for the families.



Jagga Jasoos is an adventure unlike any in Bollywood before this. The movie has potential to make the kids go crazy (especially the last half an hour or so) but it might come at the expense of the adults not finding themselves attached to the fantastical nature of the story. Jagga Jasoos sets up a fantasy world and Anurag Basu doesn’t lose the emotional grip of his story even when the sets become grander and the frames become crazier.

The film drags on a bit in the second half when too many characters are introduced but it all wraps up decently by the end. If you’re in the mood to let yourself be immersed in a desi fantasy, then go watch Jagga Jasoos. If you are easily offended by unbelievable events in movies, then Jagga Jasoos will come across as just a Tintin ripoff to you. Decide wisely.


  • Ranbir is brilliant once again, Katrina is well used
  • The music carries the film through. Pritam deserves credit
  • The production design and costume design create a fantasy world
  • The supporting actors are well cast
  • The cinematography makes Jagga Jasoos a gorgeous film to look at


  • The film is a bit too long at almost 3 hours of length
  • The fantasy world might not immerse everyone
  • Some plot twists might seem too unbelievable to people
  • The musical aspect might not be liked by everyone

Overall Rating: 3/5

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  1. Mind blowing movie. Once again Ranbir Kapoor proved that good acting is the only survival in Bollywood and Katrina is again proof that she can also make comedy movies. This movie is not like Barfi but you will enjoy the movie with the family. You will get more information on Bollywood movies on Bollywood Hungama Click here – http://bit.ly/2lC6EfB


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