Irfan Pathan tied knot last year. He is definitely enjoying his married life. The happy couple just uploaded a picture which had Irfan and his wife posing for the camera. As cute as the picture is, people trolled them for a bizzare reason.

Have you ever seen moral policing limits going above a certain level on social media? It just happend. Social media has become another platform where people think they have the authority to tell you how to live your life. Not so long ago, cricketer Mohammed Shami was thrashed for uploading a picture with his wife where she was wearing a gown.

And now, cricketer Irfan Pathan has become another target for trolls after he uploaded a picture with his wife.

This is the picture that Irfan Pathan uploaded:

These were the comments that followed:


There were comments that were telling the cricketer how his wife should cover herself.


Nail polish, really?



People did what they do the best on the internet! Give advice…

Ifran_Pathan_Wife_Troll_BackBenchers_6 Ifran_Pathan_Wife_Troll_BackBenchers_7 Ifran_Pathan_Wife_Troll_BackBenchers_8

One part of me really hopes that Irfan gives a fitting reply to all these trolls and shuts them up. But one part of me thinks that maybe the best way to deal with such people is to just ignore them and live your life peacefully. It’s a beautiful picture with your wife, let this not pull you down from uploading more. Don’t think twice before uploading anything on social media because it’s your life.

There will always be people trying to pull you down, but then there will always be a part which will stand by you, no matter what.

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