Recently Irfan Pathan shared a picture with his wife. But instead of appreciating the beauty of the picture, some extremists criticized Irfan and his wife for using nail polish and uncovered arms which as per them is against the religion. The Baroda all-rounder’s wife Safa Baig can be seen wearing a burqa in the photograph but her exposed hands and nail polish have enraged many.

This is the picture Irfan Pathan was getting trolled for:

Can you believe that?

But Irfan is a guy who has spent a lifetime in the field, breaking the stumps behind even the most seasoned batsmen. How could have a few comments by the useless and low on life people affected him?

Irfan Pathan decided to answer all of them in just one sentence and showing that hatred cannot win against love. Here’s what he posted:

I repeat 🙂 If there is more love than hate I think we are doing alright. #SpreadLove

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