The fun of a trip to a place is even more doubled, when the journey is soothing. For the past decade, the Government is taking a lot of steps to make the journey of travelers safer. The task of connecting cities across the country with small towns and villages is increasing rapidly. Special trains and buses are made to run on many festivals like Holi and Diwali. Similarly, the journey of Goa from Mumbai will be even more interesting.On September 18, a vistadome (glass-top) coach will be started in Jan Shatabadi express which runs between Dadar and Madgaon.

Travelers traveling in AC vistadome train will sit on rotatable chairs in this special coach. There will also be a hanging LCD TV for entertainment. The cost of this 40-seat coach is Rs 3.38 crores. This train has 360-degree wide seats, which will give you the best experience outdoors in the journey.


How many days will it run?

This special coach was received in the first week of September by the Central Railway on its headquarters Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminal. According to the information, this train will run in Monsoon for three days in a week and after monsoons it will be running for five days a week. Jan Shatabadi Express currently runs from Dadar at 5.25 in the morning and it reaches Madgaon by 4 pm on that same day.

Fare of Executive Class

The vistadome coaches have been made in Chennai’s Integral Coach Factory. The fare of these coaches will be as the executive class of the Shatabadi Express. Apart from the original rate, the reservation charge, GST and any other charge can be included. He said, “There will be no concession in this and all the passengers will have to pay full price.” Its minimum journey distance will be 50 kilometers. ‘

Steps taken to increase tourism

The vistadome coach is being launched for the first time in the country to promote tourism. Apart from traveling in Mumbai or Goa, people can also find this train’s journey interesting.

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