While we were already hopeless with creating content good enough to air in television. Now, the standards of logic are falling far off behind yet again. This new tv show, ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’ telecasted at prime time has made us go bogus. The show is based on the relationship between a woman and a ten year old boy. The only difficulty arises is when you realize the relationship is on a romantic note.

25-year-old  Tejaswi Prakash plays the role of Diya. 18-year-old Diya marries the young prince to protect him from the evil that is manifested around the royal clan.  Afaan Khan who plays the role of Prince Ratan who falls fondly in love with his keeper.  The only abnormal aspect is that the boy is just ten years old.

The conceptualization of love in the weirdest manner.

The first episode aired shows how the boy stalks Pari throughout and clicks her pictures. Sabotaging innocence of a child and letting him stalk the prettiest lady he had ever seen.

Like any typical girl, the princess gets scared of cockroach and slips to fall down. Rattan emerges to her escape and saves her.

The approach gets messier when Ratan asks Diya to marry him. A bold proposal but age gap isn’t the issue we are troubled. A kid who needs to be in school is shifted to a dramatic atmosphere of grossing romance.

Even television artists like Karan Wahi took the social media to show their disagreement with the concept.

Some images from the serial:

What are your views?


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  1. Okay now that’s messed up guys!! If they were adults ,the age gap wouldn’t be bad ,but this is too much 😷😷😷


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