Internet law is confusing. It keeps changing constantly with time and we are not lawyers. By the time you get done reading you’ll see how it can even be different depending on where you are. Having said that, if you’re like most people, these are things you’re doing online that are probably illegal. Though we don’t do these things knowingly, we surely are breaking some of the laws out there.

Here some of the illegal things you have been doing online:

  • Faking your name

Using a fake name online is actually against the laws. So to be honest though, so many people do have an online different name and it’s pretty hard to enforce this law as these people are not necessarily involved in criminal activities. This one sounds dumb but according to the vaguely worded Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, faking your name online is a no no.

  • Social Media Underage

Various social media sites have different signup age. Generally, if you’re under 13, you are not supposed to have a social media account. Instagram, Tumblr, Reddit, Snapchat and Facebook require you to be 13 and over. Whatsapp actually requires you to be 16 and you’re supposed to be 18 to have a YouTube account without parental consent. However, if your parents are okay with it, you can sign up from the age of 13.

  • Eating Before Paying

Eating the stuff for checking purpose in the grocery store is not good at all. In my opinion, what is the harm in sneaking in a little while you wait in line for the checkout? Well, apparently it is illegal and you might end up in the jail if the manager of the grocery store file complaint about you. If you are doing this, we would like to tell you that it’s illegal and you stop yourself from eating anything before you actually pay for it.

  • Torrenting

Although like many things on this list, torrenting itself isn’t illegal, most of the things torrented on the web make it that way. More people watch Game of Thrones season premiere illegally. Any streaming or downloads by torrents are illegal unless you have subscriptions to things like Netflix or Amazon Prime TV. But, most people find that they never actually show the good stuff at the time they want to watch it. So’ people usually illegally download stuff to watch.

  • Accessing the deep web

It’s the criminal underbelly of the internet and just accessing the wrong site can get you in loads of trouble.

  • Clicking “save image as”

Ok, not in some cases, but for the most part that image is copyrighted content and you now have the power to distribute.

  • Uploading a video of you singing Happy Birthday

Yea, we know we already talked about this one but did you know you’re not allowed to sing Happy Birthday in public? It’s copyrighted, which is why you never really see it in movies.

We are pretty sure you have done these things! So be careful the next time you do.

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