Mukesh Pande, IAS officer of Bihar cadre took the harsh step of committing suicide for personal reasons. He left in his suicide note that he had no faith in humanity which disappointed him in life.

Mukesh was considered as an upright officer and his previous tenure in Katihar had no controversy. In 2012 UPSC exam he had managed to get 14th rank. He was an organized person. Moreover, the officers who worked with him mentioned that he was very systematic. He played a vital role in  Indira Awas Yojana (IAY). Moreover, they were assured he took the extreme step due to personal life crisis.

In the video left behind, Mukesh mentions the problems between his wife and parents. He puts forward his viewpoint of why he chose to die than live. According to his claims, the situation at the home was unbearable.

Mukesh committed the suicide in Ghaziabad railway station. The insane step drove his parents from Guwahati and closed ones to the mortuary in Ghaziabad.

The incident shook his family. The video also contained an apology he leaves behind for he loved ones. Especially his three-year-old daughter. The officer claimed to have deep driven disturbance due to the household problem. He expressed his dissatisfaction in the worldly affair. Perhaps he couldn’t cope up with marital pressure.

He concluded to end his life in the saddest manner. In the the note, he apologized and asked for forgiveness. Here is the suicide note.

The Chair Minister of Bihar tweeted that he was a sensitive officer. He was also a very capable administrator.  May his soul rest in Peace.


You can watch the officer’s video prior to committing suicide here:


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