It is correctly said that “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and a way to a woman’s heart is through song.”

We all have seen many fights between couples which had eventually lead to their separation, but this husband did something amazing and unexpected to win back the heart of his angry wife in Jhansi. A Bollywood song made it possible although the family members, marriage counselors or even police intervention could not save this marriage.

At Jhansi police station in Madhya Pradesh, the officials have seen many relationships break in front of them but this time they saw something different. A video was shared by a senior Delhi Police officer, Madhur Verma on Twitter which shows a man singing a popular Bollywood song ‘Na Seekha Maine Jeena Tera Humdum’ at Jhansi police station to resolve a bitter fight with his wife.

The song sung by him is the popular Bollywood film “Badlapur”. The senior Delhi Police officer, Madhur Verma shared the video with a caption, “Love Triumphs.”

The couple had been locked in a bitter domestic conflict for the past several months. As the family members could not resolve the fight, the wife filed a case against her husband at the local police station. When the cops called the couple at the police station’s family counseling center, the things took a dramatic change and it was a good one.

As nothing was working, the husband started singing softly the famous Bollywood song ‘Na Seekha Maine Jeena Tere Humdum” and drew his alienate partner into an embrace. The gesture clearly moved the wife who decided to go back to him and also withdrew the complaint against his husband.

Everyone at the police station was emotionally hooked to the pair as the man sand and tried to win the heart of his angry wife. All the police officials were in tears and clapped for them when the man hugged his wife during the song.

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