If you are in the digital media era and if you use social media a lot, then you will know about the trouble on Facebook. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has accepted the company’s mistake and apologized for data of fifty million users.

After a fresh controversy, there is some fear in the minds of some people about Facebook. That’s why Twitter has tracked #DeleteFacebook hashtag around the world. But deleting Facebook is a very personal decision. But at least we can be a little more aware of what exactly does Facebook know about us. Learn how to check what Facebook knows about you.

There are two ways to know this. First, the information on which Facebook shows you ads. Secondly, based on your timeline activities – posts that you share, uploaded photos, messages sent, click items.

For the first method, you have to follow these steps:
* Log on Facebook
* Go to Settings
* Click on ads

* Here you will find the ‘Your interests’ option, which will contain your ‘Hobbies and activities’, ‘News and Entertainment’ pages, which you follow and the app you have downloaded.

* Scroll down now and you will see ‘Your information’ option, where you have a profile, which is shared with Facebook Advertisers.

* There will be information as to where you were last time, what device you use to use Facebook.

* Facebook has allowed users to withdraw if they find any information inaccurate or irrelevant. But we do not know whether it is deleted from your profile or not.

These are your Facebook profiles shared with the advertisers, but there is more that Facebook knows about you. An other side of this story. Facebook has an option so that you can download all your data at a time.

* Go to Settings
* Click on ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data’
* Click the ‘Start My Archive’ button
* Enter your password

After this, you will receive an email from Facebook, which will contain information about your archive being ready for download. When you receive the e-mail, click on the link and then click on the ‘Download’ button on the page which opens. All the information will come in .ZIP file format. It may be difficult to access these ZIP files, but by double clicking on the index.htm file, all the information can be accessed at one time.

You will find Photos, Videos, Friends, Messages, Ads and many other sections, perhaps all that Facebook has told you earlier.

Now you may have come to know that Facebook knows almost everything about you. Now after all this, either you will become more careful or you do not make any difference with it. If you are in the first category then join the #DeleteFacebook campaign. But if you are in another category, continue to like, share and comment on the posts.

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