A senior police officer repeatedly thrashed the owner of a restaurant for keeping the restaurant open “beyond the stipulated deadline”.

The incident took place on 9th November. The entire act was recorded on a CCTV camera which was installed at the hotel. The CCTV footage has gone viral. The footage has maddened the hoteliers in the whole city to argue because the officer was forcing the hotelier to close an hour before the stipulated deadline.

The incident took place on an intervening night at the Shetty Lunch Home on Dinnur Main Road in RT Nagar. The police officer in question is Manjunath Babu, ACP (JC Nagar).

In the video, we can see that ACP enters the restaurant and started abusing the hotel owner, Rajeev Shetty for not sticking to the deadline and closing the hotel at 11 PM. The officer continued beating him although he pleaded for mercy.

The hotelier said that he felt insulted as he was beaten up before his customers and staffs. He also said that the officer could have taken action against him as per the law, instead of beating him.

Shetty told DH,”It’s true my restaurant was open until midnight, but the officer did not even listen to what I was saying.”

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After the incident, Shetty approached Chandrashekar Hebbar, the president of the Bruhat Bangalore Hotels’ Association, who then brought the whole matter to the notice of the Police Commissioner, T Suneel Kumar.

Shetty continued, ”As per the government directive, bars and restaurants have to close by 11:30 PM on weekdays whereas restaurants can remain open until 1 AM on all days of the week. Bars can remain until 1 AM on weekends. November 9 was a Thursday. Being an ACP, he should know.”

The ACP defended his actions and stated that his men had served several notices in the restaurant, but the hotelier never followed them. Babu told DH, ”That day, when our men went to his restaurant around midnight about five customers were still around.”

He said that after that he decided to visit the restaurant. “When I asked the owner about the deadline, he spoke to me in filthy language,” added Babu.

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