Well whose doesn’t know about Redmi Phones now days. 2 persons in every for persons have Redmi Phones with them. Redmi are budget smartphones. These are manufactured by Xiaomi Company. Although the mobiles are manufactured since 2013, the buzz for Redmi phones have been raised in the Indian market since 2017. Xiaomi Phones have taken place in the worlds best journal The Wall Street Journal in 2014 itself. Talking particularly about Indian Market for Redmi Phones, the Buzz created by the phones is not in just words. Say it Propaganda or say it Marketing strategy that worked very well for the Company.


Redmi Phones are everyone’s dream phones, Cheap and Best if we could say. Sensors, Front Flash, Edge Phones, Remote Controls, Night cams at very reasonable price where every can afford it. well there is a reason behind the cheap cost of the Redmi Phones. As the company is a partner with Qualcomm Processors, they get the processors at cheaper rate than the other mobile companies. Good for the company right.


At the very beginning of the Mi market in India, there are a lot of viral posts saying that Mi phones are blasting and all. But the company marketers used it in their benefits. You. Recently there are some news that are going viral on fake Mi devices. So here is how you can check your Mi device is a genuine one or not. Here is what you have to do :

Step 1: Download the Mi Verification App from your Mi device

Step 2: Install the App and scan the QR code from another Mobile

The result will be shown as:

Note: The mobile device is used just to scan the QR code. So this is how you can check your Mi device is a genuine or not.

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