So-called guru and Dera Sacha Sauda chief, Ram Rahim Singh is in the news for all the wrong reasons. The self-acclaimed Godman has been finally found guilty by the CBI special court of raping two sadhvis. Hundreds of followers created a lot of havoc outside the court, in the parts of Haryana, Punjab, and even in Delhi. However, the court remained unaffected and has sentenced the fake guru 20 years of jail and Rs 30 Lakhs fine.

We bring to you the other secret from his Dera which was hidden for years.  Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s bodyguard recently exposed the dirtiest secrets of Baba which was hidden in his Dera for years and they have extremely shocked us.

Baba’s former bodyguard Beant Singh, who spoke a leading news tabloid and revealed about the numerous things that go on within the dera. Apart from doing a severe crime of raping two girls, Beant also exposed Rahim’s his illicit relationship with his so called “adopted daughter” Honeypreet Kaur, whose real name is Priyanka Taneja.

He further said that even though Honeypreet married businessman Vishwas Gupta, but she continued her relationship with the “godman,” which was later found by Vishwas. He stated, “For the world, she is Baba’s adopted daughter but everyone knew in Dera that she is the closest comfort girl of Baba. Honey was the wife of a rich devotee called Biswas Gupta.”

Beant also revealed that Honeypreet and Vishwas parted ways after the latter caught his wife in an objectionable position with Ram Rahim inside his den. After Vishwas spoke about the incident, the Dera men are said to have threatened him and he still lives a secret life.

Mentioning further about the cruel activities that were happening in Ram Rahim’s den, he said that the Dera chief raped all the sadhvis in turns and everyone knew about it. He says that he has witnessed women being called to the den and they were made to do objectionable things. He also spoke about a 1995 incident in Mount Abu, where Ram Rahim raped a 16-year-old girl for hours.

Beant noted that it was not just the women who were at the Dera chief’s mercy even the men too are not spared and “all the male inmates in his Dera were sterilized, including the security guards. He further said, “He tried to start his own religion and rituals. His blood drops mixed with Roohafza were served for indoctrination.”

Ram Rahim’s ex-bodyguard reportedly decided to elope from the Dera the day he was supposed to be castrated, and now lives abroad. The list doesn’t seem to end and Beant further made another shocking revelation about the cache of arms and ammunition hidden inside the Dera campus and how only 40 percent of them are licensed.

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