Actor Arya is a well-known face in Tamil and Malayalam industry. He has given a breakthrough performance in his career.

Being a successful actor and producer he possesses an exceptional vision for future. But Arya is also known as a prankster in the industry. Giving a disclaimer regarding that this is not one of the pranks, Arya invites the public to apply in search of the perfect bride.

Very rarely the opportunities are summoned by actors where they want a wife among the non-celeb or rather among any class of families.

The 36-year-old actor is considered an eligible bachelor and bargains to be called the best in Tamil industry. He has created a matrimonial site for himself where ladies ready to marry the actor can forward their details.

To make this plea more honest, Arya has released a video. His message for the ladies interested in him is :

“Last week a video of me discussing my marriage plans was outed by friends. They did it without y knowledge as a prank. But, everything I said in that video is true. Usually, people look for their life partners in their workplace or find them through friends, relatives or matrimonial sites. But, I’m not like that. I don’t have any big demands or conditions. If you like me and think that I’d be a good life-partner to you, please call me at 7330173301. Don’t think it is a prank or a joke. It is my matter of my life. Please call me. I’m waiting for you,”

Make a call and Recieve further in instructions

The link to his website is sent in an auto text alongside Arya’s pre-recorded voice message.


Divorced ladies can also apply. Ladies all you to do is fill the form and send your photo or video. The best way to get through the process is sending a video message.

His requirements aren’t many and perhaps as a bonus, he is down to earth personality.

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