A shameful act took place in Tirunelveil in Tamil Nadu. A few students were allegedly asked to clean toilets by some prompting teacher in government girls higher secondary school. Authorities ordered to an inquiry on Tuesday, said an official.

This incident happened at R.M.Jain Government Girls Higher Secondary School. This school has about 1000 students from class 6th to 10th. Some of the local Tamil channels aired some visuals where a girl in uniform is appeared to be cleaning and scrubbing a toilet floor with a piece of cloth. A district official who held an inquiry at the school told to PTI,

“We have conducted inquiry today and forwarded our report to higher authorities.”

He also added that there were three children who were asked to clean the toilet seats, the students were also present at the time of inquiry.

Reports by some local channels says that the head mistress was also questioned as a part of the inquiry. The National Human Rights Commission has asked to take legal actions against the head mistress.

The NHRC statement said, “Justice D.Murugesan , a member of  the commission has also recommended that the state  government initiate legal action against the head mistress of the school for her  misconduct.”

The commission has issued show-cause notice to the state government of Tamil Nadu to pay rs.25000/- to the girls as a relief. During the inquiry the girls were found to be the daughter of the sweeper who on that day took an off and then the head mistress called the girls to clean the toilet instead.

The details of incident were not yet known clearly.

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