Amidst disparity stands our country witnessing a loss of voice like Gauri Lankesh. The senior journalist and activist was found dead outside her house. There was an open fire in her Bangalore residence by unidentified assailants.

Gauri Lanker found dead in Ideal Home Layout in Rajarajeshwari Nagar where she resided.

Gauri Lanker was working late on Tuesday night. She was shot while opening the gate of her house. The neighbors rushed hearing the noise only to find herfurthermore in a pool of blood.

The assailants had directed four empty cartridges towards her chest which led to spot death.

DGP RK Dutta said in a statement that the details are sketchy. The assaliants identities are unknown.

There are parallels drawn from the case of MM Kalburgi who was shot in the same manner two years back.The outspoken rationalist was murdered and till today the case is unsolved.

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddharamaiah and Home Minister Ramalinga Reddy denied any conclusions.

Gauri was the daughter of P lankesh, a famous journalist who found Lankesh Patrika. Her friends and family are wailing for justice.

In the year 2016, she had been held agaisnt defamation of Dharwad BJP MP Prahallad Joshi and BJP leader Umesh Dhushi. She had published periodicals on January 23, 2008, which had led her to jail.

She said,”As a citizen of India, I oppose the BJP’s fascist and communal politics. I oppose its misinterpretation of ‘Hindu Dharma’ ideals. I oppose the caste system of the ‘Hindu Dharma’, which is unfair, unjust and gender-biased. My Constitution teaches me to be a secular citizen, not communal. It is my right to fight against these communal elements,” in an interview.

The opinions she held were strong and led her to the murder. We stand ashamed of our very own system which has let souls like Gauri depart.

We condemn the death of the astonishing journalist and activist Gauri Lanker. And hope her murderers find the way to the punishment they deserve.

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  1. This is really sad! All are expecting the officials to find out who killed her but the facts are right in front of our eyes. No need to wait. The murdered will never be caught. :/


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