Bihar has always been in controversy in terms of Bihar’s education system. Recently another incident came to light on Friday. Well, mass copying was witnessed in colleges under VKSU i.e. Veer Kunwar Singh University in the degree part 2 exam.

The exam commenced on Thursday and around 87,000 candidates appeared for it through 41 centers. Mass cheating was seen in many colleges spread across Rohtas, Kaimur, Buxar, and Bhojpur. Students were freely sitting on the ground in groups and were writing their exam papers. The surprising thing is that even supervisors didn’t stop them from doing so.

Paramhans Tiwari, the principal of Kunwar Singh college, said that the number of students appearing for the exam there was 4400 but the seating capacity was just 2400 and so, some students were seated outside owing to overcrowding. The exam was canceled and now, it would be held on the 20th of September.

Even KRK tweeted a video about the issue, see it here:

He said, “This is education system of Bihar n proof, why ppl don’t become qualified for job after doing graduation also!”

This time twitter decided to support him instead of making fun and trolls about him. Check some of the tweets here:

There was a tweet which said the maximium number of IAS officers are from Bihar and we can’t deny that. There are brilliant people but the education board needs to be shaped up better!


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