Ekta Kapoor, a well-known producer of TV serials, has targeted those who have speculated on the death of Sridevi. She has responded by tweeting those who are considering surgery to be the cause of Sridevi’s death. Ekta Kapoor wrote in the tweet – “Evil ones pls realize one percent ( as fwd ed as my doc told me) of the population can have an cardiac arrest without any heart condition or any kind of surgery!. It’s destiny not how evil rumor mongers portray!!!”. It is fate, not like the merchants of bad rumors. According to media reports, the death of veteran actress Sridevi on Saturday (February 24th) was due to the halt of heart rate in Dubai.

But some people on social media took it to another level by stating surgery as a reason of Sridevi’s death. According to the report, Sridevi was fainted at 11.30 pm on Saturday in the bathroom of her room in Dubai’s Emirates Tower, local time. She was immediately taken to the hospital, but she was declared dead.

Sridevi has acted in nearly 200 films of Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada in her film career. After marrying filmmaker Bonnie Kapoor, she took a long break from the films. In the 2012 movie ‘English-Winglish’, she made a great comeback on the silver screen. Her last film was ‘Mom’, which was praised by the film critics. Sridevi went to Dubai to join a relative’s marriage


Sridevi’s daughter Jhanvi Kapoor was about to debut in films, she was very excited about it. It is said in the media that it was Sridevi’s only dream to see her daughter working in the film. Sridevi had worked for Shahrukh Khan’s forthcoming film ‘Zero’ also for special appeal, the film will be released in December.  At present, the people of Sridevi’s family and their loved ones in the world are in a wave of grief.

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