On receiving a loud cheer from the crowd, coming in to bat at no.5, at a time when Team India was in deep trouble, MS Dhoni treated the Chepauk faithful with a gritty knock dragging the hosts to a target of 281-7 in the 1st ODI vs Australia on Sunday.
In the 22nd over of the Indian innings, Dhoni hit Marcus Stoinis towards cover and ran for a single. His partner Kedar Jadhav on the non-striker end responded in the beginning but suddenly changed his mind and Dhoni was left stranded in the middle of the pitch. The luck was definitely on India’s side as the fielder Hilton Cartwright’s throw missed the stumps and Dhoni was saved and then a single was taken.

Making things worse, MS Dhoni who was already halfway down the crease slipped a bit while returning back to his crease. However, it wouldn’t be made a much difference if Hilton Cartwright struck the stumps. The debutant missed the shoot at the stumps which handed the desired single for Dhoni in an extra-throw manner.

 MS Dhoni, after reaching the other side of the crease was seen very unhappy with Kedar Jadhav and gave a kind of look which completely summed up his anger on him. The wicket of MS Dhoni would be handed a clear advantage for Australia as former skipper is in the middle with a lot of work on his shoulders.

Kedar Jadhav, the culprit in the scenario handed a simple catch at short mid-wicket to Hilton Cartwright off Marcus Stonis in the very next ball.

Watch the death stare of Dhoni:


And this is how Twitter reacted:

But this match gave a moment when MS Dhoni lost his cool, something which is very rare.

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