Indian cricket fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming IND Vs AUS match. Even our boys are getting ready to give a tough competition. But one of the most important players of our cricket team will be seen missing in the first three ODIs. Nothing bad but, Indian Cricket Team opener Shikhar Dhawan is not playing in the first three ODIs. However, the reason behind his leave will make you respect and love him more.

Well, we all know Shikhar Dhawan have a lovely family. And he is a complete family man. Shikhar’s wife Ayesha is having some health issues so Shikhar wanted to take care of his wife all by himself and kept his matches aside.

As reports of a leading daily, BCCI have released an official statement and here is what it says:

Team India opener Shikhar Dhawan has requested to be released from the team for the first three ODIs of the Paytm Australia tour of India, 2017 to attend to his wife, who is unwell. The All-India Senior Selection Committee had decided not t name any replacement for Dhawan in Indian Cricket Team.

This is not the first time he is doing this sacrifice. He once does this the past, he left a mid-series to see his mother during INDIA and SRILANKA match. And even then BCCI released a statement.

Now Indian Cricket fans are showering Dhawan with all their love. And also feeling lucky for his Wife Ayesha. Here is how Twitterati reacted to Dhawan:

Isn’t this so sweet?

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