Dhanush is the upcoming actor of Bollywood. We have seen him in movies like Raanjhanaa and Shamitabh. He impressed everyone with his acting. Dhanush is from Tamil Cinema Industry. Being a Tamil actor he gained good name and fame in Tollywood also. His power-packed performance and his action drama attract an audience from every background. Dhanush is getting ready for his Hollywood debut “The Extraordinary Journey Of Fakir.”

However this is his upcoming film, but here is a list of movies of Dhanush which you must watch.


This is Dhanush’s Bollywood debut movie. All most everyone has watched it.If you didn’t watch yet then do watch now. Raanjhanaa is a package of drama emotions.

3 (Three):

Three isn’t just a movie, in fact, this is a complete love story which is so true and so close to heart. Both hero and heroine fall in love with each other in their school days. Later get managed to get married and after some years of marriage, the hero realizes he is suffering from a disorder and ends up his life by committing suicide. Worth watching and bet one cannot watch this movie without shedding tears.


This is just a fest to all Dhanush fans because he played three different roles in the same movie. Even the connection between the characters and the story asserted Dhanush’s acting skills.


This movie doesn’t need an explanation in particular. Everyone knows this movie. Dhanush acted with the great legendary Amitabh Bachchan. This movie is a totally different concept and a commendable job done my Dhanush.


Maariyan is one of the best movies in Dhanush’s career. He played the character Maryan where he was sent to Sudan to work for an oil company to pay the loan taken by his uncle.

Maayakam Enna:

Dhanush played the character of wildlife photographer named Karthik. He marries his friend’s girlfriend on some misfortunes. But the story takes a new twist when his wife has a miscarriage.


This is a movie where one can see a complete actor in Dhanush. In this movie, he played a character of Pettaikaran who is famous for all the fights. Dhanush just pulled himself into the socks of the character.


Maari is an extraordinary movie with love action and drama. This movie goes with the story of pigeon race, which is illegal and heroine help’s the cop to catch Dhanush. Later on, heroine realizes that the cop she helped is a friend of villain. She also confesses her love to hero.


There is no student who doesn’t like this movie. Especially to Btech students. Dhanush played the role of Raghuvaran who is graduated and waiting for a job. This movie has action and drama and a lot of mother sentiment. Two sequels have been made on this concept. Both of them are super hits.

VIP 2:

This movie is a sequel to VIP. Kajol has played antagonist role in this movie. The scenes between Kajol and Dhanush were just worth watching.

How many movies have you watched? If there is at least one that you didn’t watch. Then hurry up now.

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