So-called guru and Dera Sacha Sauda chief, Ram Rahim Singh is in the news for all the wrong reasons. The self-acclaimed Godman has been finally found guilty by the CBI special court of raping two sadhvis. Hundreds of followers created a lot of havoc outside the court, in the parts of Haryana, Punjab, and even in Delhi. However, the court remained unaffected and has sentenced the fake guru 20 years of jail and Rs 30 Lakhs fine.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim has been given a punishment of 20 years jail for raping two of his female followers. We all know how and under what conditions, the CBI court listened to the case and passed the judgment. The so called Messenger Of God and some of his followers did everything to avoid the punishment and created chaos in Punjab, Haryana & even Delhi.

But the book of Gurmeet’s sins has just opened and it was just one of the main chapters. Another one which is also not hidden from the public is ready to reach out to more people.

Apart from raping his female followers, another big allegation on Gurmeet Ram Rahim is for castrating hundreds of followers. The matter has been in a lot of discussions since long but now it has caught the fire again and promises to increase the problems for Gurmeet.

Hansraj Chauhan who was one of the hard core Gurmeet Ram Rahim followers in past has told in several media interviews that he was misled by Baba for getting castrated and didn’t have any hint of what exactly will happen with him.  While interacting with The Quint recently, he told that he was offered a glass of cold-drink by a medical compounder, and slipped into unconsciousness after drinking it. Two days later he came back into consciousness and was horrified to find his testicles wrapped in bandages.

“I was among other men who were surgically castrated at the behest of Baba. The surgeons, all under the spell of Baba, cut open my scrota and removed the testes. Since then I have undergone severe hormonal changes that resulted in loss of facial hair and gynaecomastia.”

Hansraj who filed the case of castration on Baba in Punjab & Haryana High Court in 2012, said in a recent press conference

“Baba used to tell us that the one who wants to get closer to me will have to sacrifice something for me and I did not know that it was to get castrated.”

Hansraj said he was just 20 years old when the procedure was done on him.  In earlier interviews, he had also claimed that Gurmeet used to do this so that his followers especially sadhus stick to him always and never leave the Dera. He wanted them to cut all the connections with outside world by telling that only his Dera is truth and everything else is fake. He also claimed in one of his interviews that the process of castration started in 2000.

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