Ambati Rayudu, a member of Indian International Cricket Team squad who is yet to secure his position in the team because of inconsistent performances, was recently in the news for all the wrong reasons. Aggression and Anger are the common issues with Indian cricketers we’ve seen over the past many years.
Sreesanth was known to be very aggressive. Harbhajan Singh got angry once and slapped Sreesanth. Virat Kohli is known to be super aggressive and has notably used a lot of cuss words for opposite team players during the live match. However, none of them was ever noticed indulged in a fight with someone at a public place especially a senior citizen.

The whole matter was recorded in phone camera by someone and posted on social media:

In a video clipping that went viral on Thursday, the cricketer is seen getting into a scuffle with another person of what appears to be an incident of road rage. In the video footage captured, Ambati is seen stepping out of his car in an agitated state, followed by a heated exchange of words that breaks down into a physical fight. The scuffle reached a level where bystanders had to step in to separate the two.
He is currently involved in the IPL and plays for the Mumbai Indians franchise.

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