IphoneX is much hyped for its sleek design and innovative technology. Also with its pricing, it has become a luxury item rather than a regular handset.

iPhone X’s basic model costs around Rs. 89000 in India and other model peeks over lakhs of rupees. A 17-year-old from Bangalore took an opportunity to get himself an iPhone X through strangers.

Photos from Kookypedia
” Need Money for iPhone X “

Mohammed Zaid, the 17-year-old boy took a placard stating his need and went on streets of M.G Road Bangalore. Apparently, the whole scenario was a prank for his youtube channel Kookypedia. The channel has over 200 subscribers and the video has collective of 1000 views.

The boy identifies himself a student at Presidency College. The prank started on streets where he got responses from different people.

People clicked his pictures as well as wanted to pose as a selfie with him. Some had an issue regarding today’s generation where iPhone is given so much value.

There were some generous people who wanted to fulfill his wishes. A man took Rs. 2000 as a token and asked whether he really wanted the handset.

Zaid being a prankster declined the offer and explained the scenario to the man.

Criticism was also thrown at his act as people thought it is an irrational move.

Taking a selfie with the prankster.


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