We all know about Mahtma Gandhi, Father of Nation and his struggle for Independence of India. There are very few mentions of his family members after his assassination. However, presently masses are not aware of 154 branches of the Gandhian tree expanded over 6 distinctive countries post independence. His grandson’s name,  Gopal Krishna Gandhi, was heard in recently held vice presidential election when  Venkaiah Naidu defeated him.

The another glamorous member of the family is in headlines nowadays, namely Medha Gandhi. She is a great grand daughter of Mahatma Gandhi. The grandson of Gandhiji,  Kantilal Gandhi, Medha’s father, moved to America with his entire family, therefore, she was born and brought up there.

A 23 years old charismatic girl completed her graduation and now she is a DJ and a comedy parody producer for many TV shows in America by profession.  She produced one of the most popular TV shows in Ohio, ‘Dave and Show’ and her recent show is ‘Matty in the Morning Show’.  As a comedian, her bio reads, “I’m a DJ. I’m Indian. That makes me a failure” is a satire on herself and her Instagram account by the name of “babyhotsauce” can be seen full of her funky pictures that portray about her glamorous life as well. Through her social media activeness, she caught into trending these days with 54K followers and of course also because she is a “Gandhi”. She keeps informing to her viewers with upcoming projects through her posts.

This badass glamorous girl seldom cares about what people think about her lifestyle and can be often caught at parties and events, on holidays, hanging out with friends, gulping wine and having a fun time.

Being a Gandhi may be one of the reasons for her following but cannot deny the fact that she has created her own identity through her great skill of creative endeavors. 

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