In the judgement that came out today, a nine judge bench led by Justice JS Khehar, declared privacy as a fundamental right under Article 21 today, overruling two previous judgements. Many people had been following the case thoroughly especially since the lawyers who were assisting the senior lawyers were live tweeting the proceedings. The government had argued that privacy shouldn’t be a fundamental right, as they said that citizens do not have absolute right over their bodies.

Twitter was overwhelmed with the judgement and was outpouring gratitude on Twitter for the Supreme Court and for the lawyers and the petitioners who worked on the case. The judgement brought adulations from all quarters, with a range of people thanking the court and hailing it as a victory for Indian citizens.

The Rights to Privacy hearings in the Supreme Court started because of petitions challenging the validity of Aadhaar. However, the bench decided that it needed to first tackle the question of whether Indians have a fundamental right to privacy. The matter of validity of Aadhaar, which has been made mandatory by the government, will be taken up later.

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