A video is surfacing over the internet where a British man is asking questions to us Indians, and in the guise of asking questions, he is abusing our motherland.

Are we that bad? Did they just rule us like that for years and still have the audacity to slam us publicly like that?
Here is a video of a British man hailing abuses at our country, he talks about the shortcomings of our system and our day to day mishaps.
Every country or a state has its own shortcomings and there are odds to all system however this is no way to come out and start slamming a country you are not even a part of?
Can we raise a voice against this? Can our officials do something about the same?
Will this ever end? After ruling us for years can they not just keep themselves to their own business.

Watch the video here:

This foreigner has insulted India in many ways and we thought of giving him an apt reply:

1)India is the home of Corruption

No, you are absolutely wrong India is not the home of corruption, but we are certainly infected by this disease which is a gift of you forefathers to our country. East India company officials started this trend of corruption and were so corrupt that finally the Government of Britain had to intervene to check it as the company was running in loss and the officials were getting richer day by day. So kindly have some knowledge of history on who introduced corruption in India. Yes, there were instances of corruption in the past but it in now way makes us the home to corruption as there are many countries which are more corrupt than India.

2)Land of superstitions and a Woman victimizing country

We are not a land of superstitions, but our superstitions are based on scientific evidence which is now being recognized globally.Yes there are few evil ones prevalent, but they too are getting eliminating with the increasing literacy rates

Ours is not a woman victimizing country, but we do respect women’s more than anyone does. We indeed do need to improve a lot in this regard but branding our whole country as woman victimized country is a stupid statement as we very well  respect them and they are considered to be the incarnation of goddess and this particular statement may fit into the past but not now as our women’s have occupied all the top positions.

3)A Poverty oriented country

We were not a poverty oriented country and history very well knows of it.You people looted all our resources and wealth, and you owe us the prosperity of your country. Do you even have an idea of the amount of wealth which you greedy and dacoit forefathers looted from India?  According to some estimates around $432 trillion was looted by Britishers during the colonial rule. Can you even count the zeroes in this amount. When Britishers left India the poverty rate was around 78% and today its around 28%.We are improving significantly and very soon poverty will be eliminated from our country.Had your dacoit ancestors not looted us we would have been in the list of most prosperous countries of the world.

4)Where Air has more pollution than oxygen

No, this statement is completely baseless and please visit India once and we will take you to places in India where you and your entire country can inhale fresh oxygen.With the exception of some major cities, the air quality is good. And you people better don’t talk about pollution as the world is suffering from this menace because of you earlier Industrial activities and India doesn’t emit even 10% of the pollutants Britain does

5)Where Citizens sell their democratic rights for money

We don’t sell our democratic rights for money as our election process is transparent, fair and secure.Election Commission of India is a world known reputed organization and it very well ensures that the process of election is fair enough.There may be few incidents where the poor people are lured with money but again had your ancestors not looted us they wouldn’t have been in this condition today.

6)Where a Christian woman uses a Sikh Prime as his puppet

The question itself reflects the mentality of the person asking it. Even though there were allegations of Dr Manmohan Singh to be a puppet Prime Minister the world knows that he was one of the most educated Prime Minister which any country got.He has an impeccable career record and has been awarded over 32 awards both at national and international level

7)Where a newly appointed Prime Minister on Demonetisation to kill corruption

Narendra Modi is one the most popular leader across the globe and his popularity is far more than your Prime Minister.Regarding Demonetisation although there were temporary hardships, in the long run, it will bear fruitfull results and has started doing so by increasing the tax collection significantly.

8)Where a disease becomes an epidemic

I think you are quite outdated with your knowledge as India is self-sufficient to tackle any disease and ensure that it doesn’t convert in an epidemic.Indian doctors have proven their talent worldwide, and we have enough resources to curb any epidemic

9)Where under the table is just an apparent crime

No it may be an apparent crime in your country, but a criminal offense which can lead to severe imprisonment in our county and with technological advancements this system is slowly vanishing from our country

We indeed are very proud of our rich culture and tradition and were self-sufficient but tragedy struck us when your forefathers looted all our wealth and resources.Kohinoor diamond is known to all but there are many more precious thing which was looted by you all.As Shashi Tharoor had pointed out that Britain should pay back to India what it had taken. Please have some shame when you abuse our country because you prosperity is all due to the looted resources from all over the globe during colonial rule

This guy needs a hard reply from every India.

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